How to Find Your Paint Code & Colour Matching Paint?

How to Find Your Paint Code & Colour Matching Paint?

You invest time, effort, and money to buy the best vehicle suiting your needs. Based on people’s preferences and lifestyles, they can choose a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler. However, the vehicle can lose its appeal due to minor scratches or dings. Vehicles exposed to external elements can suffer from these problems. Irrespective of the care you maintain, such issues can crop up. It results in your favorite car or bike looking unattractive. Taking it to a body shop means you should spend huge amounts of money. You can handle the problem at home with the best tools. The ideal color to match your vehicle can make all the difference.At times, you may face difficulty to find the ideal paint color for your car. It is the issue people searching for color for their older model cars face. It is vital to find the colour matched automotive paint Australia services offered by the best platform to complete the touch-up paint job efficiently.


The Need To Find The Matching Paint For Automobiles

While two paint colors may seem the same, car manufacturers can make subtle changes in the exterior paint color. Also, the manufacturers can bring various colors to cars every year. Hence, every vehicle owner should get the code correct to get an ideal match for paint. Do you wish to get the information needed to make the best decision? Here is a simple guide providing information to find the paint color code of the car.

Finding The Exact Paint Code Of Your Car

The manufacturers place the color code in several places on your car. The different point to locate the color code depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Here are some of the likely positions to detect the code with ease.

Check Service History

The service history of the vehicle can help get information about the color code. It provides information regarding the color code of the car.

Owner Manual

The manufacturers of your vehicle provide a user manual. The owner’s manual gives information regarding the vehicle’s color.

Car Color Code By Car Model And Make

Every vehicle has a color code inscribed at some location. The location of the code depends on the make and model of the car. Here is a list of models and the areas where you can find the code:

  • Volkswagen: Spare well or trunk lid
  • Toyota: The area on the side door jamb in the driver’s side
  • Suzuki: It can vary from model to model
  • Saab, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Jaguar, Kia, Mazda, and Mercedes Benz: The area on the driver-side door jamb
  • Ferrari: You can find the code under the trunk lid
  • Chevy: The area you can find the color code varies from model to model
  • BMW: The area on either front wheel wells
  • Bently: The space under the hood, driver-side door jamb, or hinge
  • Alpha Romeo: The space under the trunk lid.
  • Audi: The area in the wheel well or under the trunk lid

Finding The Paint Using Color Code

After determining the color code, you can find the paint by visiting an auto parts store. The store may have the product at hand or order it. You can also use an online service to find the ideal paint for a touch-up. You can choose the best colour matched automotive paint Australia services to get the best results. If you are looking for a reputed company to get the paint, check out Touch Up Paint Services. The Australian company with several years of experience in the auto paint industry can offer the best service to satisfy the customers. The reasons to choose Touch Up Paint Services include:

  • Superior Quality Paint

Irrespective of vehicle type, make, or model, you can find the exact match of color. You can get metallic colors and top coats that will ensure the vehicle can regain its appeal. It will look new and appealing.

  • Wide Palette Of Colors

The colour matched automotive paint Australia services specializes in the creation of auto repair paint to suit the needs of motorcycles and cars. You can access scratch brush bottles, aerosol bottles, or pend. The platform takes pride in offering all colors available in the color spectrum. This company has a rich database containing color formulas exceeding 500,000. The expert team keeps adding to the colors from the early 1950s.

  • Expert Innovators

The knowledge and skill possessed by the innovators ensure customers can get the best results while they use the platform. Touch Up Paints run by people with a natural love for automobiles and experience in the auto paint industry can provide an answer to all queries and concerns of customers. The employees of colour matched automotive paint Australia well-versed in auto paint can offer ideal solutions.

  • Positive Reputation

Paint Touch Up Services has served as a reputed paint supplier to automotive companies and panel shops. Hence, it has become one of the most popular companies in Australia. The high-quality and consistency of service. This positive reputation makes the company the first choice of customers.

  • Excellent Customer Experience

Touch up car Paints has a team of experts who can provide the best solutions to ensure customers can highly satisfying services. The expert team updates and improves the formulas and techniques constantly to meet the demands of the customers.

Earlier, people used to take time and effort to find touch-up paint to meet their color demands. Today, reputed platforms like Touch Up Paints in Australia can offer the best services with ease. The colour matched automotive paint Australia services ensure you get the best experience. The team tries to develop its database to suit the touch-up color needs of the customers. The team takes time and effort to provide you with the best solutions that will ensure satisfaction. When a body shop charges a high amount for addressing the dings and scratches, you can use the best touch-up paint to complete the job at home. A little time and effort can help you fix the problem with professional efficiency. The use of high-quality paint can ensure a professional appearance in the vehicle.

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