Paint Codes

All vehicles that where built over the years have paint codes from factory. The code is not part of the VIN. Codes are a sequence of 2,3,4 or 5 alpha-numeric characters. When the colour code information is under the bonnet, as it frequently is, it is often on a stamped metal tag ( Build / Compliance plate) . When it is located elsewhere on a vehicle, it is often printed on paper sticker and covered with clear laminate.

The tag upon which the paint code is found may have other data encoded on it regarding the specifications of that particular car. In many cases the paint code is not identified as such, it is just in a series of codes. If you need help with this you may tell us you have a 2010 Holden and it is blue, for instance. We could ask you if you see a “B079” or “B79”.

Most codes can be found in one of 4 places, under the bonnet, driver’s door or B pillars, inside the boot or in the passenger door jamb. When under the bonnet it may be on the firewall or on the radiator support or on some vehicles it may be on the inner strut tower.

When around the driver’s door it’s normally on the B pillar, the pillar the door lock striker is on.

When in the boot area it could be on the cover over the spare tire, in the well where the spare tire is or on the underside of the boot lid.

When a code is in the interior of a vehicle it is usually in the glove box or the underside of the centre console arm rest.

If your vehicle is a factory two-tone make a note of that. Obviously we need to know which of the colours you need, upper, lower or darker etc. Some car makers repeat the code twice to indicate “both” colours are the same. Some car makers display the two different codes. Others show a single code that is neither colour but translates to the two different colours/codes. Keep in mind your car may have been two-toned in a shop after it was manufactured even though it looks original.

Another caution is that teh car may have been resprayed in its life and the existing code on the car will not match to the colour that is currently on your car.

Bellow is a chart showing where codes can be found.