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Touch Up Fine Tip Brush Pens And Kits

Touch Up Fine Tip Brush Pens And Kits

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11ml Touch Up Pens Made to your OEM Paint Code

Can be purchased as a single base colour pen or upgraded to a complete Colour / Primer / Clear and Putty kit combo repair kit.

Pearl base is also available and required for 3 layer pearl colours. What is a 3 stage pearl? As the name implies, a 3 Stage Pearl Paint finish uses multiple coats of visible paint layers applied one after the other to achieve a pearlescent effect. The three layers of paint are added on top of the primer to acheive the factory finish. ( Primer / Base / Pearl / Clear )

If unsure if your colour is a 3 Layer pearl , please contact us with your paint code and we will check for you.

NOTE : For best results top coat clear is recommended.

If chips or scratches have exposed raw metal we recommend primer is used to seal the surface.

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